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Very unimportant update

Posted by pete

Instead of finishing the e-book I promised my Kickstarter contributers I randomly built a website featuring local drink and food specials.

It is located right here: sloshr.com

My great, crippled, decrepit empire now consists of:




In my estimation, these sites combined are worth more than a shitty Java game called Minecraft so I am looking for north of 2.5 billion in the event of a buyout.




Some stuffs

Posted by pete

Hey you jerks! I've had some pizza lately but it was Papa Johns, mostly, and you all know what that stuff  tastes like. It makes me want to jump up inside my own butthole, but, then again, what doesn't make me want to jump up there? There's always a party goin' on up there! Okay, down to the beeswax.

First off, it seems Goodfellas closed. I can't say I'm surprised, considering the mismanagement, crummy staff, lack of food consistency, et cetera. I can say that I'm kind of sad, however. I had hopes that they would get their act together, eventually. Oh well, I guess it's time for someone else to open a giant wacky failure of a pizzeria in that location.

Also, I wrote another review at liquorlunch, out of sheer boredom. Not much left to post here on my own site except Terrazzo and maybe a couple other random shitholes in town and perhaps abroad, so I might write a little bit over there instead.