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My Essentials Extra Cheese Crispy Thin Crust Pizza Microwavable

Posted by pete

Seventy Cents to Freedom

I went to Golden China at 17th Extension and South College today for two reasons: One, I heard they had an appetizer called Chinese Pizza. Japanese pizza is one thing (and weird as fuck), but Chinese pizza? Sounds too perfect to be true. I don't think the good people of Hong Kong had even heard of pizza when I went there years ago. The second reason is that I wrote another review recently, but I don't want to post it because it's fairly negative and it bums me the fuck out. Anyway, Golden China didn't have any fucking pizza (shocker).

I wandered around like an idiot for a while. I walked around Dollar General. I hate Dollar General. Why don't they call it Everything's More Than A Dollar General? Because everything is more than a fucking dollar. Even stuff that oughta be a dollar is like $1.25, because Dollar General hates you, that's why. Then I wandered around Food Lion, and this My Essentials bullshit caught my eye (partially because I almost never shop at Food Lion and therefore never tried this):

It was on sale so I bought the fuck out of it. Normally this would have cost me over a dollar after taxes but I scored this shit for $0.70. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. I got this one specifically because it says it's microwavable, and I was going to take this back to the office to eat it. We don't have an oven; we have an ancient tiny microwave. It's one of those microwaves that's so old it doesn't have a spinny-turny apparatus. It's one of those microwaves that's so old that it has knobs instead of buttons. It's one of those microwaves that's so old you can feel the cancer emanating from it like a warm summer glow after a long nuclear winter.

Interestingly, the picture on the box isn't too far off. You basically know what you're getting when you buy this garbage, and I respect that. They know you're a broke hobo, you know you're a broke hobo, case closed. I'm surprised they spent the money on color printing, honestly. Here's the little pizza:

The sauce was a bland paste. The cheese was far from memorable. The crust reminded me of that weird, stupid, shitty Totino's frozen pizza I reviewed before. All in all it was pretty crummy and exactly what I expected.

I want to go back and buy every last one of these motherfuckers. Probably one of my favorite dollar frozen pizzas. But it's been a while since I've had the big dogg, Mr. P's.


Palermo’s Primo Thin Ultra-Thin Crust Margherita Pizza & Thanks!

Posted by pete

Bloody mouthful of a name

Usually when I put up frozen pizza posts on here, it's because they're cheap as hell and terrible as all get-out; easily torn to pieces in a hopefully humorous way. This Palermo's pizza, on the other hand, is just goddamn delicious. I don't get it terribly often, but that's only because it usually costs at least an arm and a leg. Luckily, this time, I got it for very cheap. It was on sale, you see.

Their misuse of the term margherita aside, this is a hell of a frozen pizza. The crust is barely there, but its crunchy at least so that's cool. The toppings are all great; the tomatoes, basil, garlic and mix of cheeses. I could eat this pizza all day and frankly wish that was a viable option. One of the most glaring problems is that I can, and have, eaten an entire one of these dumb motherfuckers in one sitting, during a monumental hangover. The upside being that I probably passed out immediately afterwards and upon waking was likely ready to get back on the glorious boozetrain.

Some of Palermo's other offerings aren't as good, but a lot of their thin crust pizzas are rather dank. I stole some kind of fucking Palermo's goat cheese pizza from my parents freezer the other night. I don't know why I felt the need to mention that.

As an aside, the Kickstarter project was successful! Thanks to everyone who donated, I will hurry up to get everything done and sent out.


Home Run Inn Classic

Posted by pete

Son of a

Fine people of the planet earth: never buy Home Run Inn pizza. This shit is very small, very expensive and very bad, too. At its regular price of $4.29 (at Harris Teeter), this is indisputably the most egregiously overpriced pizza ever to grace the pages of this godawful blog. I bought it because I'm a pizza nerd and because it was half-off, so it only cost me $2.15+tax. At that price, it is indisputably the most egregiously overpriced pizza to grace the pages of this godawful blog.

I thought it might be good, too, goddamnit. The picture on the box gives it a passing resemblance to bad NY-style pizza. Which, in the world of frozen pizza, puts this shit in ambrosia territory. But when I retrieved the discus from the lying-cheating-whore-of-a-box it was as if I had come face-to-face with my own mortality. It was like some Norse God came out of bloody nowhere, grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and before I even had time to shit my pants said, "You will never know peace in this world."

After seeing this monstrosity birthed from it's boxy mother I was certain I should have instead spent the two dollars on a kick to my scrotum. Yet, in the back of my mind (and scrotum), I had a faint hope that the application of 450 degrees of Kevin Bacon might turn it into something edible. As usual, the back of my scrotum misled me. This pizza was so fucked.

I baked this thing less than their minimum baking time suggestion and it was already about to be burnt around the edges. I include the box picture alongside the real deal because I know you fucks are too lazy to scroll up and compare for your damn selves. This stupid shitbird pizza looks nothing like that picture. You will notice I added crushed red pepper. Ignore the spicy flakes behind the curtain.

The cheese had this plastic quality that I could not seem to fully appreciate. The sauce wasn't half bad, really. Maybe one of the better frozen pizza sauces I've had. The crust was the most vile thing I've ever tasted. It was dry and chalky and gross. Makes me wonder what kind of nutball committee okayed this monstrosity and thought $4.29 was a good price. Frozen pizzas which I've bought for a buck were bigger and tasted better than this bullshit.

If I had paid full price for this garbage I would have taken one bite and promptly returned it to Harris Teeter. Then I would have bought the rest of their stock and repeated that process ad nauseum. I can say without question that this is the worst 'pizza' I've ever consumed. Which makes sense since Home Run Inn hails from Chicago.


Freschetta By The Slice

Posted by pete


You ever seen this shit in the store? Why the fuck have companies started selling frozen pizza by the slice? I don't see the point of this at all. I'd never considered buying one of these until this morning when I was feeling even more self-loathing than normal. I was buying like 8 cans of soup, for some reason (I guess because I like soup), and whilst walking through the frozen aisle I saw this and was really offended. But then I saw that it was on clearance for $1.59, so I bought the hell out of it.

I didn't bother looking at the cooking instructions before buying this. Luckily, it had microwave instructions. This was good because I was bringing this to eat at work and we don't have a fucking oven at work. What we have is the smallest, oldest microwave I've ever laid eyes upon. It took a lot longer than anticipated, but by some freak chance this thing actually 'finished' 'cooking' at some point.

Holy shit does that look terrible! Thankfully it tasted a tad better than it looked. The contraption it was laid atop seemed to cook it sort of, kind of, vaguely okay. The toppings were alright. The BBQ sauce was kind of cloyingly sweet and offensive. The crust was as shitty as other Freschetta crusts. All in all, it sort of tasted like what might happen if you were to reheat the result of someone eating a lot of good food, vomiting it back out onto a weird metallic-esque triangular prison of shame, shrink wrapping it, boxing it, and freezing it.

It was an abomination.


Digiorno Rising Crust Spicy Chicken Supreme

Posted by pete

A while back I had some people over at my house for the purpose of getting really fucking drunk. It's what some people might call a party, but since I only have two friends it probably doesn't qualify. Well one of these idiots left a frozen pizza behind, so I decided to eat that shit. Mind you this all happened like a million years ago, and the only reason I'm writing about it now is because I got a Dunkin Donuts coffee, spiked it with whiskey and Bailey's and I don't know, fuck you, I'm all jacked up and drunk. It's as if Four Loko got resurrected just like whats-his-face, the Jew from the desert or something. You know who I'm talking about.

Generally I review plain pizza. And real pizza. Not this frozen terrible shit with a bunch of crap on it. But bada bing bada boom, fuck you, this pizza is real. Well I guess, shit I'm a little drunker than I thought. Could be the hash. This pizza tasted fantastic, if I remember correctly. It was pretty fucking great. It was the best free pizza I've ever had in my life, ever. I don't know why I'm posting this. I'm sorry, internet. I'll post a real review soon, probably Siena or Papa Murphy's. Does anyone know if Siena still has their Tuesday special?

In conclusion, this pizza was awesome. They should rename it from "Spicy Chicken Supreme Pizza" to "Gut Busting Hangover Cure Sleepy Time Fuck You Pizza." In mega-retrospect, though, some of the slices had a ton of caked-on cornmeal on the bottom. That was really crummy, and it was also bullshit. Easily overlooked at the time, though. Still gross. Anyhow, sorry for this post.

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Mystery Matchup!!

Posted by pete

This blog is hitting a new low. A while back, I don't even know how long ago, I bought a couple containment units of pizza at the dollar store. I actually really like that dollar store. It's the one by CiCi's on South College. There's a closer dollar store right near my house, across town from the godly store I'm mentioning, but everything there costs like four dollars. It should be called 4Dollar Store. It's a great scam, I guess.

The worst thing about this review is that I don't even remember what the fucking pizzas are called, and I never took pictures of the packaging. For convenience purposes I will just call one of them French Bread Shitdick and the other one Triple Shitbird Express. The naming scheme may make more sense upon reading the rest of the review (or not). The second worst thing about this review is that I ate this bullshit weeks ago (I think) and my recollections are notoriously vague given such vast spans of time. The best thing about this review is that it's 7a.m. and I'm drinking Beast Ice, again!

French Bread Shitdick  (a fucking dollar)

For a dollar I was not entirely offended by this pizza. My girlfriend is nearly blind and in bed and saw the above picture and asked me if I was reviewing dildos or something. Don't I wish. I put my standard accoutrements on here (oregano, crushed red pepper) and cooked it up. I sort of remember that one of the two of these had no oven-instructions, only microwave. I'm looking a little closer at the packaging and it seems this one had oven instructions. Which means Triple Idiot Surprise did not. So there's that.

This is not the best dollar pizza in the world but it's not the worst. It had some flavor and the French bread-ish crust was almost successful, in a dollar store sort of way. Honestly, though, this thing would have better use being thrown at those idiot kids you see skateboarding around convenience stores. I mean, doesn't their trailer park have pavement? Oh yeah, nope.

Triple Farting Flapjack Shutup (It was a dollar, man)

I also forget the name of this shitty product but it proved to me, once and for all, that God is a real fucking jerk. This shit was worse than the other crap above. It didn't taste like anything at all. I just drank a leftover half-can of nightstand beer from last night and it was superior to this triple facefuck of nothingness.

I thought it would be good, too; that's the worst part. I like mini pizzas, I don't know why ... They're fucking cute! I admit it. What could have been a delicious treat turned out to be some seriously stupid crap. Sadly I don't remember what the fuck it was even called so I'll probably buy it again because of how fucking adorable these little bastards are. I buy kittens all the time before realizing I'm allergic and then I just end up throwing them at skateboarding kids of limited means.

Winner: Frenchy Tits Magoo

I'll try to update this bullshit later when I find out what the fuck I even ate.