Wilmington Pizza Insulting the stretch of pavement and stripmalls you call home


Having been born and raised in New York, I am by nature a pizza expert. However, having been born and raised in Upstate New York, real New Yorkers will contend that I am a fat no-nothing idiot. That's probably true. Here is an example of what 'upstate' means in NYC:

This blog is more or less a blatant and substandard ripoff of Slice Harvester, which I read religiously. Given that Wilmington, NC doesn't have nearly as many pizzerias as NYC, eating at every one will not be a challenge, but it will be an altogether terrible experience, so in my opinion this blog may have some small merit. Additionally, since I have lived here for over ten years, I've eaten at a lot of these places already. There are a lot that I haven't tried, though, because I expected them to be terrible, so please enjoy.


ILM - Airport code for Wilmington International Airport

Za - A terrible way to say pizza that should never be used; a good Scrabble word

Recirc grading system - How many times one must recirc after eating at a pizzeria, the idea being that if the pizza is as bad as it can possibly be, you will have to recirc 8 full times, which is outrageous

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  1. Dude, Wilmington, NC?! Okay, go to the Waffle House and see if Rev. Donna Livngood still works there, then ask to see her ghost-hunting photos.

    Also, good luck! If I ever end up down South again let’s eat some shitty pizza together.

  2. How the hell did you find this site? It would be an honor to eat some shitty pizza with you.

  3. Ah I think WordPress tries to notify any linked blogs, that’s creepy.

  4. No, I have google alerts set up so that I get a little email whenever a new site with the phrase “Slice Harvester” is annotated into google.

    I am serious about going to Waffle House and talking to Donna. I met her on tour with I band I was in four or five years ago and she is this totally crucial maniac.

  5. Alright that makes more sense. Waffle House is scary unless I’m blackout drunk, but that goes for a lot of things. Also there are 3 of them here. I’m guessing the one in question is the one closest to downtown since that’s where the most venues are.

  6. That quote up top where it used to say “and pancakes” or whatever is copyright property of my employer. Our legal team is no doubt mobilizing at this moment.

    But seriously, thank you for reviewing so many places, I hadn’t even heard of half of ’em before. My colleagues and I have never eaten so much freaking pizza. -Paul Stephen

  7. K34vVg Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool thnkinig all around!

  8. great site…keep up the pace!

  9. Wow, this site is great. It’s too bad you’re a wannabe New Yorker from “Who gives a fuck,” upstate. Didn’t anyone every tell you that anything north of Manhattan isn’t New York? Go back to the Jersey Shore.
    P.S. I don’t even like pizza.

  10. Great writing. Great blog. You’re brave to eat at all these places! Will you do a guest blog for my website if I ever get it live (seriously though it should be up this month)? I help people reverse/ cure their auto immune issues using nutrition and lifestyle and it involves an insanely restricted diet. There is of course a version of pizza on the diet that my sister, of Sweet T’s Cakes, has created. I would love for you to review it on my reviews section. I have a fan page on facebook right now if you want to check that out http://www.facebook.com/nutrisclerosis If not, I understand but I think you would lend my site the street cred it needs for sustained readability.

  11. You should make a pizza from scratch and review it for your final post.

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