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Say gang, what say you do my work for me: Is Lucianos now called Amore on Market? I'm too lazy to drive over there right now. Likewise, is Wrightsboro Nino's now called Amore Pizza and Pasta? If so, I'm confused as shit. Why is Nino's always involved in some kind of name clusterfuck? Are these places, in anything besides name, new? Did the respective owners both just happen to start taking remedial Italian at the same time and learned the world 'amore' and figured 'Yeah, see, the problem with my business is definitely the name, see, and amore means love, see, they'll love us after this idea rivoluzionaria'? Maybe they're both owned by the same people now and no one taught the owner the concept of branding. The world may never know because I don't care enough to definitively find out.

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  1. pete, I dropped in to the Market St. location a few days ago to check out the same thing. The Ogden-based Amore people have taken them over according to the dude behind the counter, switch happened a couple months back.

  2. I have tried the Amore in Wrightsboro several times. They are pretty darn good in my book, as good or better than Ninos was before they moved and went to shit. They told me they are the same owners for the two stores the one on Market and the one in Wrightsboro. I tried an italian sub also here, any pizza place that has subs I always have to try both. The sub blew, but there again this is not a site about italian subs. So, Im not much for writing a review in the fun manner you do and lack that creativity. But I can say Amore is pretty good in my book. For now its my goto pizza joint like old Ninos used to be.

    • strange that their websites are so different. menus are pretty similar tho. thanks for the info

      • your welcome. I have to say I can only vouche for the Wrightsboro location, I have not tried the one on Market. A buddy of mine has hit both of them up and says both places make the pizza the same.

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