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Guess that Slice #2

Loyal reader Heidi sent this monstrosity in. I have to guess that it is from ...motherfucking drumroll... Harris Teeter Oleander. Furthermore, I guess that Heidi had a myocardial infarction after eating this slice so we will probably never know whether or not I am correct. RIP Heidi.

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  1. You were right, Pete. So right. In that the pizza was from *gasp* the HT bar (and why are they still serving these little slices of cardiac arrests sprinkled with fake cheese months later? I go in there to get actual groceries for my office and that horrendous pizza bar is still there…the one I’ll never eat from again…..the one you warned me away from…the one that gave me nightmares so grotesque I’ll never be able to explain them. I literally take the “scenic route” around the grocery store, avoiding that trap of death! Don’t do it!! DON’T DO IT PIZZA PEOPLE!!! I thought maybe I could prove Pizza Pete wrong and that I’d go there and have a decent slice. Don’t make that mistake….the decent slices don’t exist. Only a case of debilitating diarrhea and sever vomiting follow that seemingly heavenly slice of pepperoni and mozzarella. And this only proves that you CANNOT prove Pizza Pete wrong. He knows. And when he says stay away…..then STAY THE FUCK AWAY!!!!! This shit was worse than school lunch in 8th grade.

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