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Send me your pizza pictures

My sister just texted me a picture of some pizza she ate and demanded I guess where it was from. Boom, fuck you, I got it. So send me some pictures. I'll try to guess the source.

Also, I owe some of my loyal readers some stuff (after all, you are basically paying for this website). I will make this right. If I don't, or if you get tired of my shitdickery, I will refund your donations. Just contact me. I'm a shitbird. For real. Could be genetic?

I will also be posting a new review in the next day or two! So there's that!

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  1. You do owe me a drawing….or some terrible pizza….JEEZ Pete. A terrible drawing would have sufficed….you promised. I check my email everyday.

  2. it isnt genetic, you were just adopted

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