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Scotto Pizza

Edible mall pizza. The fuck?

Sbarro, one of only two establishments in town to have the ignoble distinction of receiving a full 8-recirc rating (infinite recircumcision), has bitten the dust. That was very good news. When I heard it was being replaced by another chain pizzeria (this one being SCOTTO, some weirdo place from up north), I was filled with terror and began shaking uncontrollably. It also may have been withdrawal, who knows.

The first thing I noticed was the stupid TVs they used as menu boards. Scratch that, the first thing I noticed was that they had infinitely more employees working there than customers ordering from there (zero versus 6+). And when I say working I of course mean standing around doing jack shit. I guess they're new and don't know how much staff they need at given times. There were so many people working here that I felt like an animal in a zoo being gawked at by a bunch of self-entitled human scum. The small asian people floating around handing out skewered meat added to that effect, strangely.

They have two types of pizza (NY style and something that looked vaguely deep-dishy) and a lot of variety therein. The NY style shit didn't look too bad. It was cheaper than Sbarro used to be ($2.94 versus $3.52) and the slice was larger:

The pizza probably looks oversauced, overcheesed or both in this picture, but it wasn't too bad. The sauce itself was also pretty good, as was the cheese. The crust was alright; it wasn't cooked on a screen (thank Christ) and it had a bit of a crunch. But it definitely could have used more salt (or, you know, any salt whatsoever). I actually enjoyed this mall pizza.

Unlike Sbarro's disgusting bullshit which I didn't even finish, I could've eaten another slice of Scotto's, which makes their 2 slices and drink special for $6+tax a pretty good deal in general and, in specific, an awesome mall deal. Or you could go next door and have some monstrously overcooked fried chinese heatlamped horseshit.


4 1/2 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Scotto Pizza - $2.94
3500 Oleander Dr., Wilmington, NC 28403

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  1. It is fucking Pizza Week, get out there and shove disgusting pizza into your fat face you lazy faggot.

  2. this is one where we differ, i had scotto pizza on the day they opened and it was the worst shit i’ve ever eaten. the sauce was some wierd goo that didn’t even resemble sauce. and it just tasted really weird, possibly a cleaner of some sort. may try it again in a few months and see if they have cleaned up their act.

  3. I would like to say it seems like this place has had some issues from the time it has opened. I tried the pizza and liked it and continued to return, then a different manger, different sauce and pizza still not too bad, then another manger, and at this point I will not return again. This was the nastiest, oldest,and crustiest pizza I have seen and the new manger was making pizza touching many other things and then going right back to make pizza instead of washing his hand when he had touched his pants. This in my book was absolutely disgusting and will not return and do not suggest it. Sanitation is very important to prevent disease you know.

  4. This place sucks. Went to have a lunch special around 11:00am (2 slices and drink). The fat guy behind the counter getting drinks doesn’t even acknowledge that he heard your drink request such that I had to say it 3 times until he finally said I heard you. He could have said OK instead of just staring blankly at me. Besides that, since the girl behind the counter placed the pizza on the tray , I assumed it was right out of the oven. That was not the case, it was cold. I didn’t even finish that crap. What a bunch of idiots at this establishment. This place has of lazy people who should not be serving the public. Eat at one of the other places while shopping this season!!!!!!!!

  5. DON’T EAT HERE. Last time I went some guy was handling my food with his bare hands AFTER he sneezed and coughed all over those same hands! Will never eat here again.

  6. BEST PIZZA EVER! i really dont know what all these people are talking about! the guy at the counter was noting but nice to me, i didn’t notice any bad sanitation, and may i repeat the pizza was the BEST i’ve ever had. Really good!

  7. Very good pizza the , best in Wilmington …….and the slice was handled with utensils no bare hands

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