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Luciano’s Pizza & Subs

I don't even know

Well, I went to Luciano's on New Years Eve before my requisite celebratory shenanigans. They had a five dollar lunch special which I chose to utilize at 9 or 10pm. They didn't seem to care and I didn't either. The problem was that I forgot my main goal was to write a review about this place and that ordering two salami/jalapeno slices would destroy any hope of critiquing a slice of pizza. The pizza has to be plain, and the slices I ordered were far from it. In my defense, I had just consumed five Red Bull and a percocet (for the busted ankle!). That said, the pizza was awesome. I love salami on a pizza. I love salami.

I need to go back to this place to give it a proper review. You know that, I know that, and the whole world not reading this knows that. Here's the pizza I did receive a few days ago:

My first problem with this pizza is that in order to create these slices they took plain slices that had been sitting there, topped them with the requested toppings and then reheated them. On the one hand this is a cop-out. On the other, there's really no other way to offer two 2-topping slices and a soda for five dollars. Do I expect them to make an entire salami/jalapeno pizza just for me? Yes I do, but I'm a stupid shit head. So, on the way back to reality I was forced to concede that the salami was delicious and both the jalapenos and salami were fairly god damn abundant.

Like I said I can't right now do an actual review of this pizza. The toppings were too god damn delicious and completely masked the rest of the pizza. On first glance the pizza was cooked quite well, the slices were of reasonable size, the cheese was potentially subpar and the sauce was okay. The toppings were laid on fairly heavily, which is a plus, I'd imagine. In the interest of science, I've got to go back to this place now. Which I look forward to. Not only because I think this might turn out to be a quality slice but also because the lady behind the counter, though seemingly attached, was rather attractive.


Update 1/14/2011

So, I made it back to Luciano's. This time I actually ate a plain slice:

Weird cheese! I don't know what the deal is, but it tastes fucking weird. Maybe this is really ritzy moon cheese and I'm just not cool enough to appreciate it. The sauce is pretty non-descript but not necessarily bad. The crust was very good, I thought. Overall it's a pretty crummy slice, I'm sorry to say. I thought it would be a lot better than this based on my previous slices. However, I guess covering shitty pizza with fatty salami and spicy jalapenos masks the fact that the cheese is made from butts. The More You Know.

What a letdown.


5 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Luciano's Pizza and Subs  - $2.16
3926-201 Market St. Wilmington, NC 28401

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  1. I have to say u are wrong about this pizza place…its one of the best in wilmington…make sure tony makes the pizza.. just saying

  2. well it was pretty good except for the cheese. i would’ve rated it much higher had i liked the cheese. if im ever in the mood for jalapeno salami pizza this is my place, though

  3. I’ve only been once and I got the Margherita. It was pretty decent overall and almost a Neapolitan style crust. Which was pretty good, except it wasn’t cooked quite enough to get any char marks on the bottom (too cold oven or not enough time in said oven? I assume the former) and there was too much cheese. In fact, had they left off the regular cheese and just had the (pretty good) fresh mozz and a little less sauce (or gone for just tomatoes w/o sauce) it could have been a pretty damn good pie.

    Good enough I’ll try it again. Still looking for a place that does the thin NY street slices as good as Jimmy’s Deli used to back when I was in high school, but this was a different–and potentially better–kind of pie. They’ve got the dough down, and that’s the hardest part.

    • in terms of street slices, I dont think anyone beats i<3ny and brooklyn, but if your main qualification is thin then you might want to try incredible off new centre if you havent already.

  4. I don’t know what the hell kind of Chernobyl slice they gave you that first time – no way did Tony make that – he’d kick the ass of the person who made that. So, I got a slice there once and thought it was crap. Then I got a whole pie, and the pizza Gods smiled upon the land. I know you’re about getting slices but trust me this place is killer when you get the whole pie. I say I Brooklyn.

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