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Some Wilmington blogs which I don’t hate

Over on the right there, a little ways down, are some links to sites I frequent. I had been trying to keep it to just pizza-related shit, with the exception of Port City Foodies. But since this blog is nearly as much about shitty Wilmington as it is about shitty pizza, I added a few links and am writing this post mostly as filler because I'm sick of eating pizza and writing crummy reviews all the damn time.

Bake or Buy - Whoever writes this blog is either a futuristic baking robot or ... nope, definitely a futuristic baking robot. I don't always read the entire post since I'm too lazy to bake fuck-all anyway; sometimes I just skip down to whether she recommends baking or buying, and the associated costs. This highlights my laziness as well as my Jewish frugal nature. My one recommendation to her would be to increase the number of posts per page because as it is, it sorta makes me want to circumcise a whole brood of chinchillas with a rapier. I don't know why this is my reaction because I don't own a rapier and barely know what a chinchilla is so there you go.

Burgers and Brews - The first thing that attracted me to this site was the fucking name. Well it turns out that he reviews more than just burgers and brews, which I guess is okay. I'm not demanding my money back or anything. But he should talk more about beer because beer is fucking great. He should also talk less about photography and other crap and talk more about exploring the Amazon river with big-tittied babes who are trying to rebuild a spaceship in order to fight moon nazis, on the moon, while naked, with pillows. Well it's just a thought.

liquorlunch - This is a new blog and obviously right up my alley. The idea for this blog was probably stolen from me because in the past I mentioned I wanted to start a whiskey review blog, but I'll give the author a pass because writing a review blog is boring, thankless work which I'll mostly be glad to be done with when the time comes. At least this guy here doesn't have to worry about enraged local pizza shop owners making voodoo dolls of him, cursing his name all day. The real tragedy here would be if writing about booze all the time causes the author to get sick of booze. Haha, yeah right.

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