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I guess I've been going to NY a lot lately. This last visit included a lot of shitty pizza. Continue on to read micro-reviews of 3 pizza shops that you will probably never have the displeasure of patronizing

Mario's Pizza in New Rochelle was pretty bad. At first it didn't seem too gross, but in the end it surely was. I can't really say anything good about the slice. The best thing I can say is that the crust could have theoretically been worse. They say on their menu that they're they home of the '$1.50 slice" but I think I paid 2 dollars or more per slice.


Ray's Pizza on 7th Ave was really terrible. I knew it would be. There are so many Ray's Pizzas in NYC (Wikipedia says approx. 49)  that most are bound to be trash. Slice Harvester has reviewed many Ray's, but not this one (as far as I could tell). Everyone at the table was, without qualm or hesitation, loudly discussing how bad the slices were, right in front of the store employees. They seemed rather used to such discourse. I didn't get a picture of the slice. It was so shitty.


2 Bros. Pizza on 8th Ave was probably the best pizza we had on the trip. But it still wasn't what I'd call good. 2 Bros. is one player in the burgeoning Dollar Slice War  that's been going on for a while in the city. I'm not big on wars, but I am big on cheap pizza, and a buck a slice (or $2.75 for 2 slices and a drink) is okay in my book, especially if it's not too crummy. I think the White Castle burger and coffee I had right before eating the slice proper-fucked my taste buds, or it may have been the street-vendor kimchi I had earlier.

In either case, my initial reaction to the slice wasn't as positive as my reaction to the day-old leftovers. I think these slices weren't too bad. And for a buck they are a goddamn steal. Slice Harvester has has mixed reactions to 2 Bros.

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  1. i went to new york in 2010 and in the 4 days i was there, i ate at like 12 different pizza places. the best by far was Patzeria’s Pizzeria. Its just off times square next to some hotel. If you haven’t had it, you need to try it.

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