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Surprisingly good

One commonly hears the phrase "save the best for last," and I for one say fuck that shit. I save the worst for last, because I hate myself this much (I'm spreading my arms really wide right now). I like knowing that it's all downhill from any given point. Maybe things were good during some nebulous fantasy time period in the past, but the future is destined to be a shitstorm of shitbricks,  en fuego.

With this mindset in, well, mind, I saved Nicola's for nearly last. I didn't think it would be good at all, for whatever reason. I'd been here once before, if memory serves. It was a long while back, though, and may have been a different restaurant entirely but in the same location. I don't even know why I was there or what I had, if anything. Was I there with family, or friends? On hallucinogens or narcotics or uppers? Maybe with both friends and family and on all three, who knows? I had a vaguely bad experience that time, but lets chalk it up to the acid.

On Tuesdays, Nicola's has a deal for $5 12" pepperoni or cheese pizzas. Normally they're 7-8 dollars. Apparently the Tuesday deal is dine-in only, but they never mention this. Ancient Chinese secret. Anyway I got mine to go because I'm the boss. I opened the box and was surprised to see a pizza that looked quite like a miniature NY pie. I was expecting it to look more Neapolitan, given that the pizzas are referred to as wood-fired. One oddity of this pie was that the rim of the crust was very thin. Not a big deal, though.

This shit was really good! Some of the best in town. If I lived or worked nearby, I'd probably go here every Tuesday. The cheese was very good, with proper grease levels. The sauce was more than passable. The crust was probably worked a little too much around the rim but overall it was actually very good and well seasoned. The slices were thin and had very good structure. Is it wood-fired, as the menu states? Could be; there was a little bit of char on the bottom, in any case.

Very good pizza, very good deal (on Tuesdays, otherwise it's just okay).

2 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Nicola's - $5-7 + tax
5704 Oleander Dr Ste 102,  Wilmington, NC 28403

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  1. That deal used to be a pizza and a draft beer for $5. AMAZING. Oh, the good ol’ days (about a year ago).

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