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Westchester, NY Pizza Compendium

Apparently other places in our great nation are afflicted with crummy pizza, too. So take fucking heart. Click on if you want to, for some reason, look at a lot of pictures from Westchester pizzerias.

Broadway North Pizzeria in Armonk, NY

Starting out with a good one. An oldie but a goodie. Shit that was a lame thing to type. Anyway, great slice as always. I love this place. I also got a salad slice. I don't even like salad but I like the salad pizza here.

La Famiglia in Cross River, NY

This place was always crummy but I think it's gotten worse. This was their excuse for a margherita pizza. I don't even think they offer regular slices anymore. And if they do I don't give a shit, they can fuck off.

Genoa Deli in Ridgefield, CT - Closed on Sundays. Damn you guys.

Venice Pizza in Ridgefield, CT - Already gave up on this place years ago. Used to be my favorite pizza until they moved a few hundred yards and changed everything entirely.

Marcella's Pizzeria in Mount Kisco, NY

Oh, the humanity! Terrible slice here but the crust could have technically been worse, maybe. I'd never been here before. The owners were shocked when I recirced myself with a plastic knife in front of small children.

Pizza Pizzazz/Bellizzi/Whatever in Mount Kisco, NY

Went here a lot as a kid. On this recent visit, I walked in, got confused by their terrible signage and horrendous music, and got the fuck out of there.

Mario's Pizza & Pasta in Mount Kisco, NY

This place has a really neat location underneath the Mount Kisco train station platform, or something. I had high hopes which were dashed like so many baby brains. It was really bad! I forgot to take a picture of the slice but a picture wouldn't do this shit justice anyway. Everything about it was bad. I'd say the dough was especially bad because it was a fucking terrible all-purpose flour nonsensical mess, but in all honesty everything else about the slice was pretty much just as bad. Avoid like the plague.

Village Pizza & Pasta in Ridgefield, CT

Since Venice was always nearby, I never went to this place when I was a kid. Trying it now, I was pleasantly surprised. Though this picture sucked, I couldn't find much fault with the slice.

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