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Tony’s NY Pizza & Trattoria

There's hope for Leland yet

I fucking love this place. I'll cut to the chase and say that this is not the best pizza reviewed here. I love this place anyway. The space is real big and stupid, not resembling a pizzeria at all. I love this place anyway. There's a formality going on here which I fail to genuinely appreciate. I was hoping Tony's would go the traditional pizzeria route. I may have been praying, I don't know. I knew the space was too big for that purpose, having been to Antonio's in the past, but I still had hope.

The good news is that Tony's is not Antonio's. It's not some generic shit hole serving crappy slices in hell forever. It's a place that very likely serves totally decent Italian-American food that also offers pizza (slices, at that). It's basically a fucking dream. It's like someone shitcanned Antonio's and handed the location over to people that didn't suck dicks for a living. That's basically exactly what happened.

The bad news is that the slice I got wasn't quite what I was expecting. Truth be told I was expecting too much. According to PCF, this place is the result of some serious heavy hitters joining forces: I <3 NY joining forces with Luigi's. I've never eaten at Luigi's, all I know about it is that people said it used to be incredibly good and, according to a friend who worked there, Luigi was Mexican. Is that relevant? I hope not but that's for your racist ass to decide.

I got a fucking slice of pizza:

I sort of hate getting small slices of pizza. Only because I know that a larger slice of pizza doesn't cost the owners much more. We're talking about a matter of cents, or something. That said, this slice wasn't the smallest I've gotten and it was one of the cheapest. So fuck everything I just said. In fact, fuck this entire review.

There is one singular problem with this slice. The crust was far too dry. Overcooked or poor dough formula? I don't know and I'm sick of trying to figure this shit out from afar. Regardless, this was a great slice of pizza. The sauce was great. It was fucking great. The cheese was unassailable. Really the only problem was that the crust was exceptionally dry. It's kind of shocking considering how much regard I have for I <3 NY. Also the last time I went to I <3 NY, the crust was so far from dry that it was terrible. I went there recently and it was fucking sort of shit. Fucking pissed me off. But is wasn't dry.

Maybe I went here with too much expectation. Considering the people running this place I was expecting Tony's to trump all others I've reviewed. But that's kind of unreasonable. They're brand new. Still, they should understand their dough and oven well enough to prepare a better crust than this. Even so, it was quite good. Compared to the place that used to be here, Antonio's, Tony's is fucking light years beyond them. They don't even have any competition in Leland, so they're fucking set. The only thing that gives me pause is the large location and sit-down atmosphere.

Leland is a terrible place, slightly worse than Wilmington.  I fucking hate it. If you are ever there I suggest you go to Tony's.


2 1/2 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Tony's NY Pizza & Trattoria - $1.99
1107 New Point Blvd.  Leland, NC 28451

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  1. As you said, Leland fucking sucks. I live there. I know. But I can’t WAIT to go check out Tony’s. May turn out to be the only thing I like about Leland. So glad you like their pizza…they’ve been open but I havn’t gone. Will now. Thank you!

    • I’m also a fan of 2 Guys and PT’s Grille, but don’t think I’ve ever gone to their Leland locations. Also Leland has some damn good golf. Other than that and Tony’s it can fuck off.

  2. You are on crack, Pete. Went there last night. It is literally Antonio’s with a new name. Same shitty recipes, same shitty pizza, same bread before dinner served in the same baskets with the same paper lining. Except now they serve the bread with cold packets of hard butter (my #1 pet peve!) instead of oil to dip in. They used the same canned sauce on the same food and the slice I had made me want to throw it against the wall. I will not go to Tony’s (aka Antonio’s) anymore. You keep hittin’ that pipe though, it seems to be working out well for you!

  3. You don’t need a garbage mouth (or fingers as the case may be) to describe how utterly wrong Pete is. The crust was, indeed DRY. The sauce was fresh from a can (OK, maybe a jar). The “fresh” mushrooms were either pre-sauteed or canned, the onions were cut into large cubes instead of thinly sliced. The only one that enjoyed this pathetic excuse for a pizza was my dog. If you want GOOD pizza try Pizzettas. I’ll drive a half hour to fetch one of those before the convenience of the 3 minute drive to Tonys. This pizza was a 1.2 on a scale of 10.

    • The crust was dry. The sauce was from a can (whose isn’t?). If they stated their mush to be fresh that’s one thing, and terrible. Personally I prefer canned mush on a pizza, and it’s also in the vein of traditional NY style. Notwithstanding that mushroom preference, I prefer the psychedelic variety. If the crust was dry when you got it I understand your complaint but 1.2 out of 10? You oughta start your own blog, I’d read it because you’re that awesome .

      • You still crack me up Pete so I can’t hate you for “utterly wrong” review. I agree with Geoff though. The pizza is something aweful. Don’t go there for the food either. It’s worse. Ever ordered Fetuchini Alfredo and someone brought you egg noodles with a clear butter sauce? ‘Nuff said. (It wasn’t an accident either. I asked them if that was really how they made their alfredo).


  4. Pizza ! That ain’t fuckin Pizza ,Look at it , it has Cheddar cheese in it for Christs Sakes!

    • That’s just delicious pools of grease! Almost guarantee there’s no cheddar on here. We’re not in fucking Pennsylvania or somewhere.

  5. Terrible Low Class Webpage. Foul Mouth Bastards. Hope Your Food ain’t as terrible as ur language. If it is ya’ll aint goin nowhere but in a whole. How are you suppose to attract customers with a trashy webpage like this?!? FOOLS

    • There is no way in hell such stupidity was caused by lack of education alone. Your ineptitude is so extreme, it must be the result of blunt force trauma and possession of at least seven extra chromosomes. How did your horribly inferior genes manage to survive this long? Your ancestors should have died off long ago. I fail to comprehend how your lineage has lasted for countless millennia of naturally selective evolution. What possible advantage does generation after generation of incest offer, and how bad did your uncle-daddy have to beat you to make you into such an atrocious excuse for a human being?

      Go fall in a “whole” and never come back out, for the sake of your dignity alone, whatever’s left of it.


  7. Sad, I just called to order a pizza and the number is already out of service. Guess public opinion speaks …….

  8. there is so much more than Pizza (which nobody knows how to make in NC) But the best chef in the world
    is working at Tony’s….so try the Veal!

  9. went there one evening with a group of friends place was nice but service was horrible our waitress had short term memory forgetting what we ordered on top of that she ended up getting sick and never put in our order we had about 4 waitresses trying to figure out what we ordered and had to wait about an hour for our food what tops it off the owner was there never came to our table to let us know he was sorry for anything instead he decided to go sit down with people he knew that was very disrespectful to me I understand that you cannot help when someone get’s sick but you as a owner should know how to run your pizza place needless to say we will never return back there ever again..

  10. All of if you really want to taste the best pizza you will ever taste in this area go to Nino’s in Wrightsboro/Castle Hayne. I am from up north as well as my friends and anyone I turn on to Nino’s loves it, the owner is from NY himself. I have tried pretty much every single NY style pizza joint around here, and nothing compares to Ninos at all. Other places that say NY style are the furthest thing from it. So I have done all the legwork for you all, go try it out. We have been ordering his pizzas for several years now and they are always consistent and on the money. Location is the only thing that hurts Ninos, if he was located in Wilmigton he would be standing room only!

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