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Pizzetta’s Pizzeria

I went back to Pizzetta's recently and while my opinion of the pizza hasn't changed, due to the fact that I haven't bothered to try it again, I can report that this place is very good. It's some of the best Italian-American shit I've had in Wilmington. Plus the portion size and price were quite good, with my dish costing less than $10 and feeding my fat self for both lunch and dinner.

Most importantly, their cannolis are the best I've ever had outside of New York (even if they are humorously small).

I'm not trying to turn this blog into another terrible, generic, dime-a-dozen food review site. I just felt like I owed Pizzetta's another mention after doing them the incredible disservice of declaring their pizza 'alright.'

Posted by pete

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  1. I bet you would eat a dick if it was covered in marinara sauce!!! Ha Ha!! have you ever been to Brix? yuck! I recommend staying away from that shit hole! My autistic gluten addicted ass could barley stomach one bite, and believe me I love shitty pizza and all its crappines. I liked the way your pizza looked by the way, I almost wanted to eat my computer screen, but the old naughty stains quickly turned my stomach!!!

    I hope you write some more, even if I am the only one reading this…

    • I didn’t want to go to Brixx because I assumed it would be utter shit. Then I heard that my father loves it, so I have to go now simply in order to tell him how fucked his dumb brain is.

      I think more people than ever read this site, I just don’t know why.

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