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Slice of Life Pizzeria & Pub

Another crappy pizzeria downtown

A lot of people like the pizza Slice puts out. They also serve their slices hot, which puts them ahead of Princess. I think that's probably the most positive I can get in this review. After I went to Princess I went to Barbary Coast and got a bit drunk. After that I stopped in at Slice before going to see Champion of the Sun. I figured by doing so I'd have taken care of almost all of downtown, thereby relieving me of ever having to go back to these shitty places. Also by getting sort of drunk I became more in line with the bulk of Slice's customer base. Slice of Life is the bar/pizzeria most centrally located in the alcoholic cesspool that is Wilmington, NC. So when the drunks get kicked out of bars, Slice is their primary option. When 2am rolls around, the lights get flicked on and the drunken roaches scurry for the darkness, Slice is virtually their only option.

The cheese was okay but there was too much of it. The slice was cooked on a screen and it was hella floppy. This pizza reminded me of the really terrible homemade pies my mom used to make with all purpose flour and a shitty home oven. Slice's was better but they share some characteristics. Sauce was non-descript, probably because it was overpowered by the cheese. They put some kind of butter around the rim of the pizza that has a ton of powdered garlic in it, or something. That's a real cop out, and it's fucking gross too.


If you're shit-hammered downtown and you need a slab of cheese in your gullet, this would probably satisfy you. And if you love the shit out of toppings on your slice, maybe you can't go wrong because a 6-topping slice will allegedly cost you only $3.50. Which doesn't even make sense to me. The plain slice costs $2.50, making it the most expensive slice downtown. I'm going to try to break this down as best as I know how.

Assuming you want pizza right now ...

1. Do you hate yourself?

If you answered yes, go to Princess Pizza. If you answered no, continue to #2.

2. Is Slice of Life the only place open?

If you answered yes, go to Slice of Life. If you answered no, continue to #3.

2. Do you want beer with your pizza?

If you answered yes, go to Fat Tony's. If you answered no, go to I<3NY Pizza.

In terms of pizzerias downtown, that is what my boss would call "the long and short of it."

Also cheers to this place for making so much money off of drunks that they can open two new awful locations but still can't afford to offer decent drink specials.


5 1/2 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)
Slice of Life Pizzeria and Pub  - $2.70
122 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28401

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  1. Service is terrible and way overpriced. The pizza is not bad, but elizabeths, brooklyn and antonios are far superior.

  2. I guess as my reviews point out I think Slice is better than Elizabeth’s. They’re both shit though.

  3. Its not butter you cock sucker, its olive oil you would know that if you knew anything about food.

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