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Hebrew Homebrew: Part Aleph

Though planning on cooking up some Neapolitan-inspired pizza in my new Weber grill-turned-pizza-oven, I ended up mixing up a batch of my standard NY-style high gluten dough that I haven't made in ages. This is because I presently lack a scale to accurately measure the ingredients, and I didn't want to waste this ritzy flour. Plus, I can make that other dough with my eyes closed and one dick tied behind my ear.

Step one: Get that shit lit, son:

Step 2: Arrange the coal and add some hardwood to get the temperature stupid-high. (not pictured)

Step 3: Oh shit it's fucking over 9000, maybe I should actually make the pizza. (not pictured)

Step 4: Get it in:

Step fuck you: I don't remember what happened next but this first pizza turned out okay. It didn't cook quite as fast as I was expecting but it was still fast as hell, maybe three or four minutes. I didn't take a picture of the finished pie (which was mushroom, tomato, shitty mozzarella and shitty sauce), but I did take a side picture of this slice right here:

This was one of the better looking slices, rim wise. The rest of them were suckier. On the whole this pizza was pretty mediocre. I don't know how many times I wanted to recirc after I stuffed my face with this crap, probably 8,400, which breaks my rating scale and puts me in dead last (behind places that serve cold pizza and drop their pizza on the ground).

This pie was a learning experience, as was the second and last pie that I made. By the time the second pie got in there, the temps had already begun to dip a fair amount and by the time it was 'done' the temps had falled to the 500-550F range, which sucks. However, the stone was still hot as a motherfucker so the bottom (over-)cooked really fast and since the dome temps were much lower, the top cooked more slowly. This resulted in an overly-done and overly-crunchy bottom. I didn't really mind it though and the flavor of the coal and the hickory was pretty awesome.

Yeah I skimped on the cheese, so what motherfucker. I was rushed and this pizza wasn't for me anyway so fuck you. Anyway this is just about the last of the high gluten flour I had, so I probably won't be making this style pizza again for a while. Next week I will make ritzy moon pizza and hopefully it will fucking suck.

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