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The Future

Dear Reader (singular),
This blog is apparently nearing its logical conclusion. Therefore the pizzeria reviews will be much more infrequent from here-on-out. This is not only because I have little desire to try out the few places I have left to go to (besides Mellow Mushroom, which is simply a matter of waiting for my co-workers to suggest a Tuesday beer-lunch), but also because I just acquired a new pizza gadget, the KettlePizza Weber grill insert. With this alien technology I intend to make pizzas fit for the future King of Micronesia, John Vegas.

I'm probably going to make my first batch of dough (with some ritzy Caputo '00' pizza flour) tonight, acquire some coal and hardwood and bake some terrible pizzas tomorrow night. I'm shooting for temperatures north of 850F. I expect a long string of terrible failures and as such may document parts of this crummy adventure here on this worthless blog. Or not, in which case this post simply serves to explain why I might not be reviewing pizzas very regularly in the near future. That said, there will be a review in the next few days. In short, just ignore this fucking post.

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  1. Outdoor grill for making pizza good idea

  2. I bought one of these things….It sucks major donkey dick.

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