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The Original Incredible Gourmet Pizza

'Original' and 'Gourmet' never said so little

I'm guessing The Original Incredible Gourmet Pizza (whew) has no real current connection with the fairly upstanding Incredible location off of New Centre except in name. I'm guessing some sort of time-space fissure developed causing a rift between these two places, with this place continuing to make crummy pizza and the New Centre location beginning to make something of some merit.

The slice was about as much of a letdown as you would expect based on it's dumb appearance:

Well, maybe it doesn't look that bad. But it is small and goofy. Whole thing was floppy and stupid, possibly cooked on a screen (for shame). No crunch at all, anywhere. The rim of the crust was really doughy and undercooked and gross. The cheese was good and I have no opinion on the sauce. The dough/crust was the killer of this slice. If this were a game of Clue, you would have an easy game ahead of you.

Of note is that this place allegedly doesn't serve slices except during lunch hours. Fuck that shit. Even the copout idea of keeping a pie or two out and topping them as needed before the reheat would be a vast improvement over offering nothing. Offering tiny personal pizzas is no excuse for not offering slices if you purport to be a pizzeria. And what size pie was this slice cut out of, anyway? like 14-16"? Weaksauce.

If this is the original, give me the new shit any day. Gourmet? Get lost.

Stupid pizza.

6 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

The Original Incredible Gourmet Pizza - $2.16
1978 Eastwood Road,  Wilmington, NC 28403

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  1. You have no idea what you are talking about. Their lunch special is the bomb. You get the small 8 inch pizza two toppings and a side salad and a drink for $4.99 plus tax. It is good as hell. I don’t see how you think their pizza is crap. A slice? I can’t believe you would waste your time on a slice you fat ass. You talk how fat your face is and fat your mouth is, so a slice REALLY? Lol. Whatever, i guess i am the stupid one for reading your bullshit on here. What makes you the pizza person anyhow, what qualifications do you have? Lol.

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