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Geno’s Pizzeria

Planet Earth's Worst Pizza Slice

This. This is the worst pizza I have ever had. Without question. It is so startlingly bad as to defy any semblance of logic in regards to how this pizzeria even exists. If you gave me an old piece of flooring from a spent crack den and asked for a comparison, I would readily say that the crack den's flooring was a far better example of pizza than the piss-shit garbage they sell at Geno's.

This shit looks worse than a preschooler's attempt at Play-Doh pizza. And guess what? Right. I'd rather eat Play-Doh than eat Geno's garbage bullshit ever again.

I knew I was in for some shit when the pizza guy started cleaning the oven after my slice went in. That's right, AFTER my slice went in. He opened the oven, saw it was fucking gross, put my slice in, and then proceeded to clean around my slice. So the bottom of my slice was covered in burnt chunks of shit. Not to mention the pound of flour. YUMMY.

If you care, the cheese was atrocious. The sauce was shit. The crust almost broke my tooth because portions of it were randomly rock hard. I'd wager they close in September, and that's being really generous.

On a lighter note, I bought this slice at 4pm on Memorial Day weekend and they had made so little money he couldn't break a twenty from the register. He asked me if I had a smaller bill. You can't break a twenty after being open for five hours, motherfucker? He had to go find some plastic bucket full of stripper money and even then he barely managed.

Fuck this place forever, just fuck off guys. You get the worst rating possible. Full 8 out of 8 recircs. You are the fucking worst shit in the world.

bye bye

8 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Geno's Pizzeria - $2.50
124 Pricess Street Wilmington, NC 28401

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  1. I ate there and had the same experience, including cleaning the oven while my slice was heating. I told him it was the worst pizza I’d ever eaten…He gave me my money back.

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