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It's been a long time since my last review. Mostly because there just isn't too much pizza left to review in Wilmington, but also because I'm a lazy bum. Recently Paul Stephen told me that Spicoli had opened in the old Bessie & Giuseppe location. Seems like this is another spot that gobbles up pizzerias and spits out ... other pizzerias. It seems like this location should support some good business with the right pizzeria but every place that tries just sucks. Luckily for Spicoli, they are much better than their predecessors, B&G and Incredible Pizza.

Custom demands I now show you a picture of some greasy cheese pizza:


It seems like you can't order single slices here, but you can get 2 slices for $5, which is not a bad deal.

The slices are a reasonable size for $2.50 per. And they're pretty good. The greatest strength of this pizza is the cheese. It's good and greasy and none of that low-fat part-skim full-bullshit mozzarella that many pizzerias seem to favor (because they're stupid). One of  the slices had the cheese over-applied but it wasn't a big deal since it was decent mozzarella.

The sauce was lightly applied but actually quite good. I could have gone for a bit more sauce but it's a minor quibble.

The dough/crust is the only real issue with this pizza. As far as I could tell they're cooking these things on screens or pans or something, so they're not properly cooked on the bottom, it's just soft and stupid like my weiner. And while properly salted (a rarity in Wilmington) there is something wrong with their dough formulation and I think it's probably that they're using a lot of oil in their recipe. You're left with a crust that is heavy and dense and sort of greasy. It's disappointing. The cornicione should be a nice airy, crunchy affair. Not some pizza hut shit. The undercarriage should be browned if not charred. Not just warmed up.

Overall, though, the pizza is pretty good.



3 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Spicoli - $5 for 2 slices
1978 Eastwood Rd, NC 28403

Posted by pete

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  1. I did not like their pizza at all. the crust was 50% grease and i got gypped on the pizza. The “20 inch” pizza was 18 inches at best. I mentioned it and they told me they measure every pizza. i nearly burst out laughing.

    • Who made this website the God of pizza reviews. This site blows. Ordering slices is never as good as a pie. Just a bunch of cheap ass dumbasses who think they know what good pizza is. This pizza is awesome!!!

      • I have thus far missed your comment. If you don’t like the site I have thanklessly bought, hosted, worked on and kept up for a number of years, you are kindly invited to fuck off.

        The most critical thing here is that the pizza is not awesome. It’s barely not horrible and I tried to give a positive review and I hope the next penis that burrows through you discovers all kinds of AIDS inside your bloody nethers.

  2. You want a cookie

  3. Ian just wants two more inches, so does Ian’s girlfriend.

  4. Well I believe the site owners reviews are the holy grail and he is usually spot on with what I encounter for each pizza tried. But that said went to Spicoli last week first time and they are using premade factory crusts. I was pissed I paid 23 bucks for a supreme factory made dough. You can tell they factory made because it basically just looks like a dinner plate and no roll around the edge or signs of human intervention… and they taste like s*** . So either you missed this one or their business is so lacking they have changed over to premade after your visit. I gotta say for a Saturday night they were not at all busy with carry-out or dine-in service we were the only table seated at 7 p.m.

  5. This site is the holy fucking grail of Wilmington pizza reviews. I’m thinking Spicoli needs to be downgraded to fucked, and fucked may be too kind for Spicoli’s. Spicoli’s is good for one thing, heartburn. Lard with ketchup
    and Monterey jack would better resemble pizza than Spicoli’s gut bomb. I’m not an expert. But an expert
    should know how to cook a pizza without a screen. A screen in a Blodgett gas pizza oven is less than
    a step away from the idiot that eats conveyor belt pizza with a smile. Maybe a year ago someone at Spicoli’s
    kinda tried to give a shit about pizza.

    Thanks for the epic reviews. I love this site.

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