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Pizzetta’s Pizzeria

I don't fuckin know

This place is like a week old. I didn't have much to go on here except that they've got a funny name. Unlike  this  "review," I will actually be reviewing some food instead of just discussing family lineage and regurgitating a listing of every menu item  Pizzetta's  offers. I think the only mention of taste in this piece is the last line: "Sooooooo much better than oatmeal." Now, I'm going to be harsh in my review (because that is my schtick), but wow. I think "better than oatmeal" is probably the harshest motherfucking thing I've ever read. Maybe the blog post wasn't meant as a review. It's mostly worthless, in any case. It is, like most things associated with the  Star News,  banal, soulless and crap. Now onto the slice.

Right off gates this pizza looked pretty good, tasted pretty good, and everything was right with the world. The place has a nice interior, everyone seems pretty cool in there and $5 for 2 slices and a drink isn't the worst special in the world. But then you realize that there's cheese for miles. I thought it was decent cheese at first but as time went on there was just so much of it and it started to taste kinda off.

The sauce was very good, though, I thought. I don't know if this is the same shit as what they use on their pastas but I wouldn't mind going here and eating some of their pasta if that is the case. Or just getting a cup of it and drinkin on it for a while. The crust seemed alright at first but then it just seemed kind of dense and and bland and dumb. But it wasn't that bad. I think they put too much oil in their recipe or some shit. May have also pre-formed the rim, which is unwise.

Oh right here's the slice:

So the rundown: Way too much semi-crummy cheese; too much sauce but it was pretty dank sauce, so I didn't care much. Crust was sort of middle-of-the-road. So all in all it was just alright. If they'd use some better cheese, become less heavy-handed all around and maybe lower the oil content of their dough and increase the salt, they'd have a great slice. That's sort of a lot of ifs, though.

This place used to be called Cosmos and I heard they had pretty good pizza but that's probably bullshit.

4 1/2 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Pizzetta's Pizzeria - $2.43
4107 Oleander Drive, Wilmington, NC 28403

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  1. I am pretty sure you have no idea what you’re talking about, and question how authentic of a palet you have for pizza. Pie was incredible, cheese was incredbily authentic, rich, creamy and old school flavor! There are some suprisingly good pizzerias in Wilmington, and this one may be one of the best…only time will tell!!

  2. i thought the pizza was outstanding and the place really looks great. I haven’t tried the dinners yet but I will be back to taste the other food. I think they have a winner here .

  3. I have not no clue what the reviewer was on when he went into this place. I think the pizza is off the charts good, and the service was over the top as well. I eat a lot of pizza, and this definately does not suck!
    I would recommend anyone near there to check it out. It just might become your favorite neighborhood pizza shop!

  4. The fuckin sauce looks like Paste…….

  5. All i can say is…. you got to be kidding me pete!!! If you ever had real NY pizza you would know that Pizzetta’s is the real deal!!! As far as the cheese goes it is the best i have had since being in NY!! Atleast your tastebuds where some what working when you tasted the sauce. Now that is real pizza sauce!!
    Maybe you should go in and give it another try when your tastebuds are working better!! Then come back and post your true experience!

    • do all you fuckers work for this place? no place has such immediate and enthusiastic fans. EVEN JESUS. im callin big shenanigans. cheese was shit, pie was overtopped and the crust was mediocre. even so the pizza wasnt awful by wilm standards. i wont apologize for calling this pie ‘alright’ and anyone saying this place serves perfect pizza is a plant or a moron. this country has developed the inability to relay or even have a sensory-driven opinion, apparently. i love it.

      • okay “pete” lets get something straight here. you have NO IDEA what youre talking about. im a true new yorker, which i can tell you yourself are not. this is the best pizza ive ever had in this town considering im here quite often and have tried to enjoy a nice slice i had to wait 45 minutes last saturday just to sit down with my family.. soo if thats not AMAZING.. i dont know what is. and as for your whole cheese fiasco.. thats some grade A cheese that they have over there. soo hush up.

        • this is getting fairly boring but if you are going to question my authenticity as a new yorker (really? who cares?), while telling me to “hush up,” just go fuck off somewhere. and then whatever you said that seemed to be a non-sequitur … you’re impossible to understand. in any case, go fucking eat at brooklyn or i<3ny before you spout off. i've lived here for more than a decade and in NY for the better part of two decades, so go eat your own asshole you shitbird.

          oh and thanks for stopping by.

          also jesus titty shitting christ. i said the pizza wasn't perfect. i love you guys. please continue.

          • considering no one takes you seriously and your level of mediocrity is disturbing. i’d stop now before i embarrass myself anymore if i were you.

  6. I had to try this place because you said the sauce rocked, the people who work at pisseaters should thank you for at least reviewing them. Anyway, I am from Nassau county NY, home of ten gazillion pizza places, I would like to think that I know how pizza should taste. Pisseaters sauce is kinda alright for NY standards (great for ilm) but the rest of the pie could be improved. I have a question for all NY transplants claiming that their pizza is so great, possibly the best, the question is why could you make it up north if it is so good? if your pizza sucked up in NY then it probably taste like ass down here as well.

    Pete keep up the good work and thanks for being honest, if you have done anything you have at least made me go back to some of these places to compare my opinion to yours, at the least you are bringing these places more business!

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