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Tower Pizza


About one second ago, Tower Pizza was called Amore (review here). Before that it was called Lucianos (review here). Before that I'm pretty sure it was some other pizza place but I've lost count. Why do people keep opening up half-assed pizzerias here? It's nestled in one of the corners of Wilmington bounded by the ghetto and Little Mexico. As far as I know, ghetto gentlefolk rob pizza delivery men and Mexicans eat their own food. And they drink. Man, do they drink. I once knew a Mexican named Chapuline (this means grasshopper) who would drink you under the table. But the thing about it was, he had built that damn table while getting shithoused with you, for the sole purpose of offering you shelter underneath it after you ineviably passed out. Real nice guy.

Okay fuck it, here you go, there's a new mediocre pizza place in the exact location that always has a mediocre pizzeria located in it. Changes hands every fucking day, I think. Must be some kind of tax benefit to failfuck a restaurant to hell as quickly as possible. (Mental note: look into this). And the pizza was indeed mediocre:

If you look at the above-linked Lucianos and Amore reviews, the exterior of this place is basically the same except for the "HOT PIZZA" sign. Tower Pizza has no such sign. This makes sense because what I was served was in fact "sorta-warm pizza." Not heating your pizza right up to the point of tastebud-disintegration can make your pizza taste, well, less than optimal. Such is the case here. The crust was pretty good, though screen-cooked. The cheese might have been okay, but it wasn't very good. The sauce was barely noticeable. If this slice was piping hot I might have mistaken it for something grander than it was.

What it ended up being was a reasonable triangle of gut filler for two dollars and twenty-five cents. There are worse things in the world. Yet, indeed, there are much better things as well.


4.5 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Tower Pizza - $2.25 tax included
3926 Market Street Wilmington, NC 28403

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  1. when i ate there, the crust on the bottom was so thin in spots that it felt like i was eating a saltine. you do not want that quality in a pizza. and i agree they put very little sauce on, i could barely tell there was any.

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