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Uncle Louie’s Pizza Lounge Redux

You done improved, son (while increasing your price $.25)


My previous review of Uncle Louie's can be found here: here, this is the link click this. As with most of my reviews, I was met with a bit of vitriol. Some kind soul named Sarah (I'm intentionally misspelling your name) decided to assert that I am "definitely a pathetic excuse for a human being." Oh lawdy! That must have been a good review I should probably re-read it but I shall not.

If you look at my past review's comment section and can somehow see beyond Sarah's flabby, maltreated cunt, you will see that a guy named Rocky invited me back to try an updated slice. His writing ability is definitely suspect but he seemed sincere so I decided to check in recently. I had a fresh $180 in fantasy football winnings burning a hole in my pocket and a crummy cooling system burning a hole in my car.

Below we have the old slice followed by the new slice:



If nothing else, we can be sure that we are dealing with completely different beasts here. In the first slice we are clearly dealing with underdone crust and the rest of the package looks pretty good. In the second picture we see a properly-cooked crust with a weird rim, a mass of cheese, and a potential over-saucing of the pie.

While I immediately take issue when a pizza maker takes it upon himself to create an artificial rim-job (heh heh), it's not the end of the world. However, just stop doing this. I don't even want to picture how this weird demarcation line is created on every pizza pie. It hurts my bones.

The slice looks like it might be oversauced but it really wasn't. Except, perhaps, near the rim of the crust. However, I was entirely okay with this because the pizza sauce was REALLY GOOD. I really liked it, two thumbs up, et cetera.

The problem with this slice is the cheese and basically there's just too much of it. In one sense - the fatty sense - you're kind of getting your money's worth. You're paying $2.75 for a cheese slice and it is a BIG SLICE, one of the biggest in town (their menu says an XL is 18" but this looked to be cut out of a 20"+ or maybe I'm nuts). This slice, however, is not easily fold-and-eatable, due to the very thin crust and over-abundance of cheese. You have to baby it to make sure it just doesn't flop into a pile of cheese on the plate. A lot of people will love this and I implore them to patronize Uncle Louie's because it is right up your alley. Personally, I woulda been happier with about 50% of the cheese. In terms of quality the cheese seemed okay but probably a degradation from last time.

In a perfect world, this review would silence my shitty critics. However, it is more likely that going from a 4.5 review to a 3 review will only engender pure fanatical hatred that I didn't give this place a perfect score. A score of 3 on this blog puts you in the upper echelon, now suck my dick.


3 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Uncle Louie's Pizza Lounge - $2.75 + tax
3224 Suite F North College Road, Wilmington, NC 28405

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