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Terrazzo Trattoria

Prepare for a glowing review


As I approach my fifteenth year in this crumby city, I presently give pause to recollect. To be clear, I'm not approaching my fifteenth birthday. Double it, in fact. In two and a half months I will officially become an old geezer. Today I give test to my questionable wits and my ever-faulty memory as I harken back to my previous visit to Terrazzo, ages ago. I remember it being maybe one third the size of its present, spawling nightclubby self. I remember some stools and some rounded tiny tables and I remember feeling cramped. The Terrazzo of present is a far different affair. This is either due to my shitty memory or due to expansion on their part.


Here we see what I've been avoiding all this time. Since starting this blog over nine-thousand years ago, I've avoided Terrazzo. Initially it was because I hated their website and I was pretty sure that the only thing they would be willing to serve me was caviar pizza doused in gold-flecked elf blood gilded with endangered spider monkey urethra crispies. I don't even remember seeing the option of ordering, on their flipping menu, a god dang cheese pizza. Thankfully their menu now makes sense, except that it doesn't specify prices, which is the other thing I was worried about.

Also my girlfriend said she likes their pizza and she has terrible taste in everything. For example, me.

However, Terrazzo has always been a glaring hole in my grand pizza-reviewing masterpiece.  After all, they are a pizzeria:


And they soundly proved that fact. These good folk make a very good NY-style pizza. I'm not, however, super-soaker-stoked about the prices they charge (a 14" pie is in line with what other places charge for an 18" pie). The pizza itself, however, is mostly without fault. The crust is, hey, crusty. It's not airy, it has a good bite to it, it has substance, it is very thin and yet it grants more than adequate structure. It's not fucking fried in grease and it's not cooked on a fucking pan. It's a god damn pizza. This pizza should be the friggen baseline. Why can't everyone make this? It's not fucking rocket science. It's a fucking pizza.

So I loved the crust. Only criticism is that there wasn't much of a crumb to the crust. Which is to say it say it could have had some kind of yeasty poof to it. That's probably the faggotyest thing I'll say in my life and I'm okay with that.

The sauce reminded me of a can of crushed tomatoes, reduced and minimally spiced. Which is what pizza sauce is supposed to be. It was applied with care and in proportion to the rest of the pie.

The cheese was good. They clearly don't try to skimp on their pizza products. It was neither over- nor under-applied. Added to the top of said cheese was some oregano.

The simplest pizza in the world. Easy as pie.

 Yup, boner.



1 1/2 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

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Terrazzo Trattoria- $11.73 (14" pie)
1319 Military Cutoff Rd  Wilmington, NC 28405


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  1. i ate there once and it was good, yet pricey. looks like things haven’t changed.

  2. Being from NY where there is real pizza, I agree. The dinners there are really good too.

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