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3 Brothers Pizza Cafe (Long Island, NY)

Posted by pete

Since I haven't updated this blog in almost a month, I thought I'd post something that virtually everyone would find completely non-useful. I went to a place called 3 Brothers Pizza Cafe in some shithole corner of shithole Long island. The pizza was pretty damn good. They also have an entire vegan menu which is as extensive as their extensive regular menu. I mention this only because for a place that specializes in vegan shit, their normal-person pizza was really good.

It doesn't look all that good. Doesn't look bad, though. It was a bit small. More important than some stupid pizza is this picture of a beer event at a local church:

This is another reason I miss New York. Those yankee shits don't wear their religion on their sleeve, and they damn sure know that booziness is next to godliness, and I can respect that.  I was going to go to this event (whatever the fuck it was) but instead I just drank a fifth of vodka by myself. Also as a sidenote I had some Goodfellas pizza again and it was markedly better than the burnt shit I previously reviewed. So maybe it was just a bad night on their part that one time. I also recommend their other food.


Foreign Lands

Posted by pete

On my way to New York for five days. Expect to have some quality pizza. In the meantime here is a link.

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God bless you

Posted by pete

I got a note in the mail today from Google to the effect that I now have over $10 in my AdSense account. This is largely irrelevant though because you need $100 to actually withdraw any of it (WTF?). Anyway, thank you to my loyal readers who are stupid enough to click those stupid ads.

Also I just ate some pizza from a soon-to-be reviewed place and I feel like I'm going to die. My phone's battery died in the store, meaning I couldn't take pictures. So I drew a couple instead.

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