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Encore Best Of

Posted by pete

Encore just released their yearly "Best of" list. Their pizza rankings were, in order of bestitude, as follows: Slice of Life, Elizabeth's Pizza, and Incredible Pizza. My understanding is that people vote on each category through "the internets." I would like to take a moment to tell everyone who voted for these pizzerias that they are super dumb. If Encore would bother to ponder this shit themselves rather than regurgitate the probably-rigged, anally-sourced votes of the idiotic unwashed masses, maybe their lists would have some glimmer of a validity. Instead, Encore eats shit forever.

Wilmington's real "Best of" Pizza:

1. Tie between Brooklyn Pizza Co. and I <3 NY Pizza

2. Nino's Pizza

3. Reel Pizza

These don't quite match up with my ratings, but I don't really give a shit. Also there are some pizzerias in town that I haven't tried yet like that one by the campus. And there are 2 new pizzerias opening up soon. One on College and the other on Oleander, apparently. So fuck my shitty list too.