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PSA – Spicoli

Posted by pete

Apparently, Spicoli has taken a turn, it done gone sour.

In the comments, Bret says:

Well I believe the site owners reviews are the holy grail and he is usually spot on with what I encounter for each pizza tried. But that said went to Spicoli last week first time and they are using premade factory crusts. I was pissed I paid 23 bucks for a supreme factory made dough. You can tell they factory made because it basically just looks like a dinner plate and no roll around the edge or signs of human intervention… and they taste like s*** . So either you missed this one or their business is so lacking they have changed over to premade after your visit. I gotta say for a Saturday night they were not at all busy with carry-out or dine-in service we were the only table seated at 7 p.m.

Reader Alex states:

This site is the holy fucking grail of Wilmington pizza reviews. I’m thinking Spicoli needs to be downgraded to fucked, and fucked may be too kind for Spicoli’s. Spicoli’s is good for one thing, heartburn. Lard with ketchup
 and Monterey jack would better resemble pizza than Spicoli’s gut bomb. I’m not an expert. But an expert
 should know how to cook a pizza without a screen. A screen in a Blodgett gas pizza oven is less than
 a step away from the idiot that eats conveyor belt pizza with a smile. Maybe a year ago someone at Spicoli’s
 kinda tried to give a shit about pizza.

Thanks for the epic reviews. I love this site.

Okay maybe these guys are the same person, what with this "holy grail" theme, but they sure do love sucking me off.

Maybe I'll do a re-review on my next trip to Wilmington. Who are we kidding, if I'm going to be eating pizza in Wilmington it sure as fuck won't be at Spicoli.

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PSA – I <3 NY

Posted by pete


I'm obliged to mention that I had a slice of I <3 NY pizza and it was the biggest shitty trashtrain fuckall outside of New Jersey.

The dough is different, the sauce is different and the cheese is the biggest shit fuck trash heap you have ever seen. These fuckers. I trusted you.

On the other hand, Brooklyn is still cranking out pure quality, non-stop, so there's that at least.

If you are hurting for context, i<3ny is listed second in Wilmington, and it was a hairline decision to give it to Brooklyn. So sad. Hoobies quality garbage slice.



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