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Joey’s House of Pizza – Nashville, TN

Posted by pete

It doesn't even look like a house, guys!!!
[ I forgot to take a picture, I'll add one later. ]

I've been in Nashville for only a little while now but the local consensus is that the NY-style pizza game is just not up to snuff here. I have decided to withhold judgment or further commentary out of fairness and ignorance. Joey's House of Pizza is regarded as the best game in town, however. And jeez, they really are good.

After some research I learned the best time to go is right before they close (3pm; yes they only operate M-F til 3; they know they're good). Yet, they were still full and lined up. Which was difficult personally because I can barely walk due a couch attacking me recently. Apparently Joey's is always really busy even though they put dollops of curdled mansauce on their slices. Or maybe because of the curdled mansauce. I mean I guess its ricotta?

Run down of the slice: we start off with a top notch crust; mark it, little joeys, this is the real deal. Every aspect from the undercarriage (also forgot a pic, it looked great) to the crumb. Then we have a great sauce, if liberally applied. Great crushed tomatoes, minimally spiced. Bit runny (love it). Truly better than anything Wilmington has to offer in terms of sauce. The cheese is great, but too heavily applied. Can't take too much off for that because at least the cheese is good quality. And if you are a weird freak who likes to order extra cheese as a topping, well, beans to you because that shit is gratis here. Then we got the sloppy globs of, well, something. I don't know what to make of this besides to mention seeing a worker individually dollop and sprinkle parmesan and maybe spices on every slice strikes me as an enormous testament to this pizza operation.

As a slice eater I expect almost nothing and to have one slice doted on like that for a first time customer was mind-boggling. First time without words. I was so impressed.

As an aside, I would never come here based on the pictures of this place you can find on Google. I feel bad even linking this but click here if you want horrible pictures taken at a good pizza joint.

Joey's House of Pizza is clearly a local treasure serving up a great slice of pizza. It might be Nashville's best-of-show (I have no way of knowing right now), but it falls a bit short of Wilmington's finest. That's not terribly shocking, though, given the high level of NY pizza you can find in Wilmington. Yeah I said it. But like I said you gotta find it. And for that you come here - you don't listen to the inbreeder masses on Yelp or Facebook or whatever the kids are hopscotching with these days.

In Wilmingtonese, the language of this blog, Joey's slice only compares to Ogden Brooklyn and I<3NY. Brooklyn has been spot-on perfection slice-wise for the 17 years I ate slices there. I've had dreams of giving up my career to work there. I'd probably still do it to this day. If I have to beg I will. I need to know: how on God's green earth do they make perfect slices every single day?

Then we have I<3NY and it's not as consistently mindblowing but it has that incredible snap-fold that demands you grab it and walk down Front. This is how you experience a slice of NY pizza. If you have NEVER gotten a slice and walked on the sidewalk and snapped the crust and murdered that slice downtown I just don't think you truly know downtown Wilmington. That single slice will elevate you to point where the hobo on the bench who normally he gets stabby or maybe causes you to feel like a saddo, now you just give him a peck on the nose and a little pinch on the butt.

And if it's tourist season, and there's like some gross, too-white family, man, you know them. They're sort of gurgling - an echo from the tourist dimension that gives you a chill and makes you grind your teeth - the dad staring dead-eyed, hating his life and the five-year-old kid on his little smartphone and the mom on too many pills to name or count, and you give them your best glassy-eyed Byron-glare impersonation. An you feel it in your bones. You know what to do. You just have crazy mouthsex with that slice, jam it in there and do your best to assault their vacation. They will all individually see it and not speak of it nor mention it on social media because although it was too bizarre to outwardly acknowledge, your simple pleasure will affect each of them forever. And you will cherish that slice and, buddy, that drug is damn near free.

Joey's loses out only slightly based on both my own nostalgia and their problematic slice ratios (Joey's needs less mozzarella and more baked-in oregano).


1 1/2 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Joey's House of Pizza - $2.75 including tax
897 Elm Hill Pike, Nashville, TN 37210



New Rules

Posted by pete

Welcome to the jungle, baby. In honor of this article, and my longstanding policy of producing "upsetting or offensive content from the perspective of users in your locale, even if the result satisfies the user intent," I hereby renounce Google advertisements. It probably didn't help that they perpetually skew data to trample content creators. (I still cherish my Pixel).


In other news, new review has been written, will be up soon. Also started working on an Android app for my thankless Kickstarter backers since making a good e-book is so much more difficult than I ever suspected.

Further news: my cat killed his first mouse last night and today he has been acting very tough and started shaking me down for treats :(

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PSA – Spicoli

Posted by pete

Apparently, Spicoli has taken a turn, it done gone sour.

In the comments, Bret says:

Well I believe the site owners reviews are the holy grail and he is usually spot on with what I encounter for each pizza tried. But that said went to Spicoli last week first time and they are using premade factory crusts. I was pissed I paid 23 bucks for a supreme factory made dough. You can tell they factory made because it basically just looks like a dinner plate and no roll around the edge or signs of human intervention… and they taste like s*** . So either you missed this one or their business is so lacking they have changed over to premade after your visit. I gotta say for a Saturday night they were not at all busy with carry-out or dine-in service we were the only table seated at 7 p.m.

Reader Alex states:

This site is the holy fucking grail of Wilmington pizza reviews. I’m thinking Spicoli needs to be downgraded to fucked, and fucked may be too kind for Spicoli’s. Spicoli’s is good for one thing, heartburn. Lard with ketchup
 and Monterey jack would better resemble pizza than Spicoli’s gut bomb. I’m not an expert. But an expert
 should know how to cook a pizza without a screen. A screen in a Blodgett gas pizza oven is less than
 a step away from the idiot that eats conveyor belt pizza with a smile. Maybe a year ago someone at Spicoli’s
 kinda tried to give a shit about pizza.

Thanks for the epic reviews. I love this site.

Okay maybe these guys are the same person, what with this "holy grail" theme, but they sure do love sucking me off.

Maybe I'll do a re-review on my next trip to Wilmington. Who are we kidding, if I'm going to be eating pizza in Wilmington it sure as fuck won't be at Spicoli.

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PSA – I <3 NY

Posted by pete


I'm obliged to mention that I had a slice of I <3 NY pizza and it was the biggest shitty trashtrain fuckall outside of New Jersey.

The dough is different, the sauce is different and the cheese is the biggest shit fuck trash heap you have ever seen. These fuckers. I trusted you.

On the other hand, Brooklyn is still cranking out pure quality, non-stop, so there's that at least.

If you are hurting for context, i<3ny is listed second in Wilmington, and it was a hairline decision to give it to Brooklyn. So sad. Hoobies quality garbage slice.



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Green Line Pizza & Steak

Posted by pete

What Kind of Dickhead Eats Here

This place has been around for a while but I haven't had a chance to review it. On the one hand Brooklyn Pizza is right nearby, so why the fuck would anyone bother? On the other hand I have family in the area so anytime I'm nearby I'll just eat their food for free. It's great.

In the interest of being thorough and goddamn scientific I finally ventured to Green Line Pizza. The place looked deserted except for the fucked up abomination pictured below. Something better known as a conveyor pizza oven. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

20160830_114305Aw hell no. This is just not what you ever, ever, fucking ever want to see in a so-called pizzeria. There's a reason that Dominos uses conveyors and decent pizzerias use deck ovens. It's because any fucked up, untrained mongoloid can slap dough onto a pan and put it on a conveyor and make something resembling pizza whereas you need more than ten minutes of training to use a deck. Unsurprisingly, you can't make pizzas that are worth half a shit using a conveyor. SORRY CHUMPOS.

The one good thing about this slice was the sauce, I thought it was pretty good. Moving on.

Undercooked on the bottom, overcooked on top, the crust had no spring even though it tasted almost entirely of YEAST YECH FUCK BLEGH. Hey chumpos your yeast is dead and so is your pride in making pizza, if it ever existed. The cheese is a fruity fucked up mess, the same kind of shit you find all over fucking PENNSYLVANIA.

These fucking dips brag about bringing Philly pizza to Wilmington. Newsflash, fuckos. I've eaten pizza all over Pennsylvania, including Philly, and it is universally trash. If I ever want to eat Philly garbage cooked up by Greeks I'll bring Cheez Whiz when I fish for pulverized wog nethers in the Cape Fear.


Undercooked is right. It is almost impossible to find a pizza in Wilmington with a more poorly-cooked bottom. When was the last time these greaseballs ate their own product? I'm guessing fucking never. Also a 15" pie - 15 inches of this fucking simple-headed trashbaby nonsense - costs twelve dollars so if you ever want to get ripped off by Greekswho aren't explicitly representing themselves as gypsies then go to this goofy fucking restaurant. Or go to Dominos, spend about half that, and get a better product. Or spend that same $12, go to Brooklyn and get a much larger and infinitely better pizza.

Sorry, had some vulgarity built up from the lack up reviews.


7 recircs out of a possible 8 recircs (lower is better)

Green Line Pizza & Steaks - $1.99 + tax
7134 Market Street, Wilmington, NC 28411


Posted by pete

Finally put the site back up but it's a little fucked up and I guess I lost some pictures.

Maybe I'll fix it some more.

In other news I ate a Totinos pizza today!

update: infrequent and haphazard backups win again, chumps!